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Friday, May 23, 2014

Android antivirus not sufficient to protect Android Phone.. what we can do..

There are many free and paid antivirus applications available in market for Android smart phones, but unfortunately all applications are same its not protect phone or tablet from malwares or viruses. I need to reset my phone monthly or by monthly one time and need to re-install all Aps and configure.

So what we can do..?, many professionals are says to do 3 things.

  1. Install applications from secured source: Download and install applications from Google Play store or Amazon Apps. Google Play store scanning malwares and provide secure way to download. But unfortunately I downloaded all aps from google store but still my phone need to reset.
  2. Unchecked Unknown Source installation:  This very important to follow all android users, In security tab there is an option to choose whether we want to allow application from outside Google Play store. We should unchecked this.
  3.  Scan device with Antivirus apps: we are in this subject so not to discuss any more about this point

So please let me know any other way to secure our Android device..?


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