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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trainer has lucky escape with a white Bengal Tiger

Trainer has lucky escape with a white Bengal Tiger

A wildlife park worker had a lucky escape after slipping during a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a giant Bengal white tiger. A crowd of onlookers held their breath as the park worker narrowly escaped a mauling after falling over while running from the fearsome beast. The dramatic scene was captured during a daily 'tiger splash' event at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, in Arizona, U.S.

Park worker Jeff Harwell participates as the prey during a daily routine with the cats, where they chase an inflatable toy being held by him. The tigers are usually so excited about capturing and popping the toy they do not harm the park workers. The workers then jump into a pool with the tiger at the end of the game. But this time Mr Harwell slipped over on the wet grass - and found himself between the two-year-old white tiger called Chalet and his inflatable toy.

The tigers are supposed to chase and pop the inflatable toys, rather than the trainers - and sure enough Chalet's attention is diverted as the killer whale sails over his head

Chalet reaches out a lethal paw to claw the toy as Mr Harwell quickly rolls to his feet, ready to flee if necessary Thinking quickly, Mr Harwell managed to throw the toy into the pool, distracting the young tiger. Chalet leapt in to the pool after the toy, as Mr Harwell scrambled to his feet. Gasps of horror were heard from the audience. But Mr Harwell - who was unharmed in the incident - continued to play with the tigers. The tigers who are not being trained to perform tricks at the park but are playing these games to tap into their natural instincts.


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