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Monday, May 31, 2010

[] Photo News - Part 5


Photo New - Part 5 

In the photo galleries you'll see: South Korea claims that Kim Jong Il will pay for the sinking of the ship; cyclone-affected require assistance from the government, attacks on buses in Guatemala, and much more.
South Korean soldiers are looking statement of President Lee Myung-bak, during which he said that North Korea will pay for the sinking of the ship «Cheonan», which took place in March. (Jo Yong-Hak/Reuters)
Surviving during the cyclone Isla cries during a demonstration in Dhaka during which the people demanded the government to accelerate aid to the victims. May 25, 2009 as a result of the hurricane in Bangladesh and India, killing 300 people. (Andrew Biraj / Reuters)
People lined up to vote in Bujumbura, Burundi, during the first phase of elections to Parliament and presidential elections in a country suffering from the endless conflict. (Esdras Ndikumana / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
Photos of victims of the crash of the company «Air India» Savita Filomena D'Souza (left) and her husband, Joshua Walton Fernandez funeral in Mangalore. The authorities report that the fault plane crash, which killed 158 people, could be human error. (Dibyangshu Sarkar / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
Soldiers relax before the ceremony welcoming the president Porfirio Lobo Sosa of Honduras in the presidential palace in Bogota. (Fernando Vergara / Associated Press)
A woman who is carrying out office moving, pass by the wall in Tbilisi, Georgia curtained flags. On Monday, the country celebrated Independence Day. (David Mdzinarishvili / Reuters)
The man cries, recognizing the body of a relative after the attack on a bus in Guatemala. During the first four months of 2010 in an attack on buses killed 112 people and 157 injured. (Daniel LeClair / Reuters)
Ghazni, Afghanistan. The health worker gets a weapon from the trunk of a car owned by Talib, whose body lies there in the trunk. In a recent military operation by foreign and national forces killed 19 militants. (Mustafa Andalib / Reuters)
Arrest in Kingston, Jamaica, in a clash between armed men in the Union's drug lord Christopher "Dudusa" Coke, which is trying to avoid the issuance of U.S. troops. In the shootout killed two people. (Mark Brown / European Pressphoto)
Farmers are trying to make the horse jump in the boat in Poland. As a result of floods caused by incessant rains, killing 15 people. (Janek Skarzynski / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
A jump in the lake to the south of Germany. (Lukas Barth / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
Airplane «Solar Impulse», powered by solar energy, took off from a military airport in Payerne, Switzerland, during his fifth test flight. The company that made aircraft, plans to start its journey round the world. (Laurent Gillieron / European Pressphoto Agency)
A policeman inspects the wreckage of a motorcycle damaged in the blast in Quetta, Pakistan. The incident resulted in killing two people. (Iqbal Hussain / Xinhua / ZUMA Press)




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